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Install Parity on Mac OS X using Homebrew

Parity is an Ethereum client that's easy to get started with and can be used from any web browser. If you use Google Chrome, they also have an extension that integrates Parity with Google Chrome.

This guide assumes you already have Homebrew installed. If not, please install it first by following the instructions at

Install Parity using the following commands:

brew tap paritytech/paritytech  
brew install parity --stable  

Run parity --warp to get started without having to sync the entire Ethereum blockchain upfront (which can take hours). Learn more about Warp Sync here.

Once the sync is complete, go to and follow the steps to either create a new wallet or restore an existing one. As I mentioned before, if you use Google Chrome, you will now be offered an option to install an extension which integrates the Parity Ethereum client with the browser.

Whenever you want to upgrade your Parity installation to the latest version, run brew update && brew upgrade parity.

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